Festival price 440€-490€. (Early Bird period has ended. Few places remain open.)

Festival from 28.September.-3.October 2019: 440€-490€ (self-assessment, depending on your financial situation) including workshops, jams, etc. (all of the festival program), mostly organic, vegetarian, delicious and healthy food, and sleeping in your own tent or in one of the wonderful yurts at the Festival site (The Temple of the (H)earth), and 1-2 hours of help during the festival (e.g. dish-washing, kitchen).

The prices for sleeping in single/double rooms will be higher, we will inform you on registration and confirm.

pre- and post-Camp

Before and after the Festival the Sitio da Loba site is open for us for holidays – jamming on the beach/in the studio, cooking, swimming, hanging out, taking hikes together.

Prices for housing before and after the festival:
Own tent: 10€ per night
Room: need to talk to us

Note: You will be responsible for your own transportation around the festival. A doodle group is available, where you can coordinate carsharing with other participants, the link will come via Email with the confirmation of your registration.

Registration (The registration will be valid with a deposit of 100 EURO):