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Our Crowdfunding

A historic village in Tuscany is to be resurrected as a cultural village and as a place for encounters and joyful togetherness, and we want to support that. We, the “Initiative Tänzerdorf e.V.” (Dancers’ Village initiative), are a very young association, with strong ideals yet still little resources, but this project feels so loveable and worth supporting that we want to be part of it.  You donate to a charitable association with the publicly approved purpose of supporting and creating international sites for culture, tolerance and encounters, and of strengthening human community and interaction there through improvisation dance. You can find below a video about Borgo Batone, all further information, and our crowdfunding here:

Website Borgo Batone:
Video with Impressions

Why? – Initiative Dancers’ Village

Our initiative was born from a group of people who want to create a new example and quality of community life, values that we share with Borgo Batone.

The purposes of the association are anchored in the statutes:

  • the facilitation and support of an international attitude of mutual tolerance and understanding, in all areas of culture and collaboration
  • the facilitation and support of art and culture
  • the facilitation and support of nature conservation and landscape management

For the facilitation of art and culture, we organize multi-day events (‘jams’) of Contact Improvisation to spread Contact Improvisation as an art form and as a culture of togetherness. A concrete measure is also the support and creation of meeting places, sites for international culture, mutual tolerance and understanding, and collaboration.

With Borgo Batone we meet two purposes of our association: We can host events 1-2 times a year in a wonderful location that bring in Contact Improvisation as an experiential activity, fostering tolerance by creating nourishing experiences in making trustful contact in non-verbal communication and trusting bonding, i.e. true collaboration beyond linguistic concepts.

More about the association (german) and our vision.

Why? – Borgo Batone

An interdisciplinary team from different regions of the world is united in the desire to make Borgo Batone a vibrant place of encounter and inspiration. These people have simply fallen in love with this place and cannot help it.
Building on the vision of the previous owners and inspired by the concept of the Albergo Diffuso, the team would like to traditionally rebuild and revitalize this magical place. As a place to meet friends and family, as a stage for art and cultural events, as a place of activity for winegrowers, home offices and artistic souls, as a refuge from everyday life – in short: as a small piece of home in Tuscany.

Most of the 17 buildings in the village date from the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. After centuries of agriculture and wine growing, the ensemble was largely empty from the 1960s. Batone has everything that makes a village a village: A harmonious collection of houses of different sizes, ages and functions, a well, a chapel, a village square and its own spring with healing water quality. The property measures 25 hectares of land consisting of vineyards, olive groves, forest, meadows, arable land, a spring of mineral water and 17 buildings for a total of 3600 sqm. The centerpiece is the Villa Barsotti from the 16th century, lovingly restored and furnished true to the original. The village is currently completely empty. In addition, a park with fruit trees and pergolas, vines, fragrant herbs, laurel hedges and flower beds – and greenery as far as the eye can see.

How? – Financial goal and costs, charity

The dancers’ village initiative would like to become one of 80-90 private partners and contribute a minimum of €30,000 and a maximum of €100,000 to this project, which has an overall budget of €6 million. The crowdfunding entails about 10% costs, so we want to collect 33’000€-110’000€. If around 200 people each donate €100, €50 or €20, then we’ll have €33,000 together.

The  ‘Initiative Tänzerdorf eV’ association is a charity with the approved purpose of «support and creation of meeting places, sites for international culture in all forms, mutual tolerance and understanding of people and nations, and international collaboration».

Borgo Batone itself will probably not be a charity, but it will be publicly supported for the restoration of historical structures and buildings. Your donations are tax-free because they serve the non-profit charity purpose of the association.

Around 10% additional costs arise from: crowdfunding fees (3-4%), costs of the service providers, especially implementation & support (3-5%), as well as bank fees, tax consultants, and others.

Please note: gofundme already receives fees from us, min. 2.9% and per donation, and suggests you donate to gofundme again. This is not an obligation for you.

Who? – Initiators

Initiative Tänzerdorf eV – In the not yet 2-year-old association with about 100 members, about 15-30 people supported the founding and the first development phase. The idea was significantly inspired and driven forward by André Stephan, who was inspired over 20 years by many wonderful people and, in his words, combined “the things in life that really make you happy” into a single initiative.

Borgo Batone – Behind the project is the architectural office ‘agmm Architekten + Stadtplaner’, which specializes in village planning and community projects, as well as an interdisciplinary team made up of a historian, two artists, a businessman and an IT specialist. These are Patric F.C. Meier (architect), Katrin Frisch (historian), Narcisa Fluturel (artist), Massimo Fiorito (photographer) and Oliver Fuhrmann (software engineer). And today already more than 30 comrades, to which also the initiative “Tänzerdorf” would like to belong, as one of 90 that should become associates.
The initiators see themselves as enablers. And because they fell in love with the place, they will also be there as associates themselves. More info on this at

Further questions? – Contact

If you have further questions, please write to

Website Borgo Batone:
Video with impressions

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Would you like to become associate in Borgo Batone by your own?

Please write directly to the Borgo Batone Team,
Contribution minimum 30’000€.
Further Infos may also be found here in a Press dossier.