This is a not-for-profit event. The costs for food, sites and (as far as necessary) transport are shared. Part of the fees is used to reimburse the organizing team for their costs, and if there would remain a surplus, we would honor the sites where we have been allowed to stay, and/or support a future event.

You can participate now in the Nature Journey 2020 for 290€ for the full 8 days. We have reviewed the cost base and strive to make it very cost-efficient. In order to fully cover the cost, a full fair price would be 390€, but we appreciate that currently many people do not have this available, so we invest from our end to make this available.
The price is composed of 90€/190€ for general cost sharing of the organization, and 25€ per day to assure your own costs and contributions.
(Note: We will nevertheless have quite some comfort sharing the infrastructure and space (including inside sleeping options) with the smaller group)

You need to participate at least 4 days, shorter participation is not possible.


(The registration will be valid with a deposit of 100 EURO):