Pre-Project – looking for financial support

Looking for 100 x 100 € for a pre-project “Dancers Village”

Dear friends and dancers,

You have met me recently or in the last years, and expressed your sympathy for the project of a dancers’ village, which to create has really become a purpose of my life.

The aim is to create a place where to live very connected to nature, with a lot of dancing and contact improvisation focus, and to devote and gift this place to the earth, which means to own it as a community via a charitable foundation and association, but with the dedication to watch after the nature which is nourishing us. There is a lot of thought and philosophy in the idea, please visit if you wish to know more.

In order to buy the land via a charitable foundation (like the I-FreeLand movement with the Pinú’u foundation), my goal is to create a crowdfunding project which targets to collect 1-2 Mio €, and with this aim I started to perform and finance video work, to complete and professionalize the website, and we still need to create the association “Initiative Tänzerdorf”. So, these preparations have become a real project of its own, which does create considerable cost besides all the work I invest into this.

Therefore, I hope to collect and ask for your contribution to 100 times 100€. If you are willing to contribute by yourself 100€ then that’s amazing, and if you can’t and prefer to invite friends of yours to contribute 10€ or 20€ each together with you, then that is perfect and amazing as well.

Also, if you don’t like or trust the project for any reason, please let me know.

On the other hand, if you feel a great sympathy and know people whom you think would like to support it, please forward this message.

If you have questions about the foreseen usage of the money, please check here.


Please make a simple inner European SEPA transfer to this account:
(Currency: €, purpose: ‘dancers village’, or put your name)

IBAN: CH42 0029 2292 6286 8641 Q
André Stephan
Hans-Huber-Str 15
4053 Basel

Many thanks for your support and your feedback!
Kind regards