Pre-project – Use of money

Thank you for looking into the details!

First of all, I will of course document and justify every expense that is using this donated money. Everyone who contributed may ask for the accounting proof. The expenses covered by this will be 100% project-related.

While during the project I may need to adapt for unforeseen expenses, the current idea looks as follows:

  • Video work. This is the biggest expense pot and a crucial preparation step for the main crowdfunding. We have found a video artist, Visa Knuuttila, who has already contributed several weeks of work for the project, and proven high quality. Based on the work already done, we estimate another 7 weeks net of work for him, which we need to pay at the minimum rate. Also, we will need some specific expenses for some travel, for YouTube, maybe some actor voice for the final video, or need to buy images.
    • video artist (7 weeks à 700 €) – 4’900 €
    • specific travel cost – 1’000 €
    • Actor voice for final cut – 200 €
    • Additional pictures for final cut – 200 €
    • YouTube Channel, respective consulting – 200€
    • in sum: 6’500 € direct expenses for video work
  • Website. The website needs professional preparation for the Crowdfunding phase. I currently pay and do everything by myself, but in the “hotter” phase this will not be possible any more.
    • Web Frameworks (Jimdo) – 200 €
    • domains (in sum) – 300 €
    • EU data protection, possibly consulting – 300 €
    • website edits by supporting person – 1’000 €
    • in sum: 1’800 € expected expenses for Website
  • Founding the association. We will found a specific association in Germany “Initiative Tänzerdorf”, and there will be administrative cost, and I will strive to create a specific event around this.
    • Founding the association – associated administrative cost – 1’000 €
    • Event location for the association founding – 700 €
  • In sum: 10’000 €

The final expense structure will be determined by the needs of the project.

Thank you.

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