Linda Tinsobinlinda
Linda performs, teaches and researches since more than 15 years in various forms of dance, movement and arts. Her love for curious non-judging encounters is evident in her numerous projects with people of all ages. Her activities include group facilitations and individual work in Contact Improvisation, WaterDance, classic Ballett, Modern Dance, Acrobatics, Facial Harmony, and many many more…
Linda will give the workshops „Lifts for all levels“, „SandRolls and SafeLifts“, and together with Johanna “Acrobatics meets Contact Improvisation”

Johanna Wyssjohanna
Johanna has an education in physical theater and is an experienced teacher in Acrobatics, CI and Tango. She lives in West Algarve in her small caravan and large garden. She radiates joy of movement and a deep connection to nature. Johanna is closely connected to the Dancers’ Village initiative.
Johanna will teach the workshops “CI techniques – from ‘small dance’ to big movements”, “Tango Argentino – the art of following and leading” and together with Linda “Acrobatics meets Contact Improvisation”

Daniel Wernerdaniel_240
Daniel is a dedicated researcher and teacher for Somatics, Consciousness Development and Dance, and teaches Contact Improvisation for more than 20 years. His movement, being and teaching is deeply inspired by Body-Mind Centering, Asian Movement Arts, Fascia Research, Somatic Experiencing & Narm.
Daniel is teaching in various international events and co-organizes several festivals. (read more)
Daniel will give the workshops “Somatics & Contact Improvisation Part 1&2” (2 Workshops)

Kabiro Eva Schellerkabiro_240
Kabiro teaches and practices over 27 years Contact Improvisation with different teachers from USA and Europe. She is an initiator of different Festivals in Europe about Contact-Impro-Dance, somatic movement and life exploration practices (read more). She loves to teach with depth and playfulness.
Kabiro is teacher & practitioner in Hawaiian Healing LOMI LOMI Massage, Somatics, Water-Contact,  Awareness-Meditation, Trancedance, Couple and Single Counseling, Yoga and is in the „NARM“ Therapie Training.
“For me Contact Improvisation means being flexible, playful, smooth, light, effortless, meditative, truthful, gorgeous, touching, connecting deeply, juicy, surprising, being embodied… a part of the earth… a moving landscape in universe.”
Kabiro will give the workshops „Moving Landscape“ and „Flow & Center”

André Stephanandre_240
André is dancing Contact Improvisation since more than 20 years, and has worked with more than 30 teachers. While for many years it was his conscious decision to not teach CI, but keep the precious experiences to mature in himself, he has started recently to teach more often and in the context of the Dancers’ Village. His main fascination is for ‘deep experiencing’, and reaching states of mindlessness in the dance, by playing with release, multi-tasking, inviting meditative states, and inviting deep trustfulness by body experience.
André will give the workshops “Balance of Release and Tension – mindless multi-tasking in CI” and “Close Contact – Dance with Nature”

Alicia Kreutzmann (Prithi Nivas Kaur)alicia
is a healing practicioner, phyto therapist, musician, Body worker (Lomi Lomi) and teaches Kundalini Yoga. Shea los studies Karam Kriya (applied numerology) with her spiritual teacher Shiv Charan Singh. She dedicates her life to the growth of consciousness, and organizes retreats and workshops on these topics at festivals and in various places across Europe.
Alicia will offer Meditation, Yoga, and Singing Circles