“Acrobatics meets Contact Improvisation” (Linda and Johanna)
In this workshop we work with simple acrobatic techniques to learn about shapes and forces inside the body. We train awareness for straight lines and direction. This will lead us to more freedom in our improvised dancing.

 “Balance of Release and Tension – mindless multi-tasking in CI” (André)
A part of the playfulness in Contact Improvisation comes when different parts of our bodies meet different energies and people. What if my leg is involved in a fast dance, my head in a different and slow encounter, and my arm is leading a third dance? We will explore these challenges, relax deeply into the mindlessness of the body, play with tensing and releasing, and enjoy how time extends when we are deeply encountering ourselves and various dance energies.

“CI techniques – from small dance to big movements” (Johanna)
This workshop happens at the beginning of the festival and conveys classical Contact Improvisation skills for all levels. We will play with ‘rolling point of contact’ and a lot of ‘shared weight’.

“Close Contact – Dance with Nature” (André)
we will dance in the dunes of beautiful Amoreira beach or Praya Grande, dive into the experience and encounter of the sand, and our own dance in space, transitioning into a Jam in the sand.

„Flow & Center” (Kabiro)
Sensing directions, following different rhythms and finding „the tone“ of our own flow in movement and dance. We will awake our bellies to feel the softness and liquids in our center. On a journey into our center…in connection with other centers…we will explore the juicy flow in contact into an open improvisation. Feeling and sensing unknown places with ease, joy and awareness.

„Lifts for all levels“ (Linda)
We will work on exercises which are good to know and good to practice a thousand times before you… either offer a lift  or  accept to be lifted.

“Morning Yoga” (Alicia)
Please bring your own yoga mat or cover, and tea or water
Kundalini Yoga (after Yogi Bhajan) is a deep approach an experience to encounter yourself. To link the different aspects like Asana, (body postures and movement sequences), Pranayama (breathing exercises) , Mantra and the consciousness about Bhandas (gates in the body) is the unique miracle of this technique. Kundalini Yoga is dynamic and challenging, but also meditative, relaxing and opening. You are invited to feel and experience your body, the unknown inside you and to direct your mind into the deeper levels of your being.

„Moving Landscape“ (Kabiro) –
(OutdoorWorkshop, Please bring a blindfold)
In this workshop we will play with different Contact principles, like centerwork, using gravity for momentum, following intuitive movements, body-soul wisdom, falling and rolling will free our „body landscape” to make choices which way I will continue. We will discover new ways of moving and being fresh in our dances… . The possibility to dance outdoors with the sensitivity that surrounds us, the different texture of the ground, with the limitless space around, the wind and the sounds of nature guides us naturally to our moving sources of dances and reflect us our potential in contact-improvisation.

„SandRolls and SafeLifts“ (Linda)
In the soft sand we experience the movement sequences of our rolling body. Being carried by the warm soft floor, we strengthen our confidence into our own movement capabilities, and dare to grow across presumable limits and fears. Thereafter, it will be easier to confide into backspace moves and lifts, knowing that the floor will welcome us softly, and that our body is aware about its movement capabilities.

“Singing Circle” (Alicia)
Be welcome to share your heart and to show your truth in your voice!
We will create a space of healing vibes together, with mantras and songs from all over the world. We will share the singing in the circle, creating a beautiful group experience.

“Somatics & Contact Improvisation Part 1&2” (Daniel, 2 Workshops)
Inspired by „Somatic Experiencing“ and „Tension Release Exercises“ we explore how the human nervous system is handling stress. We will allow especially the autonomic part to release stress and – with sensitized body awareness – facilitate the unwinding of fascia tissue. In Contact Improvisation we will the play with attuned and right hemispheric communication and the balance between Self- and Co-Regulation of the nervous system.
Furthermore we will explore and enjoy the interaction of Organs, Fascia and deep abdomial muscles and invite the juicy power of the “center” to support the spine in its mobility and vitality.Playing with developmental movement patterns we help the body to re-connect to deep sources of life energy. Fascial elasticity and smotheness facilitate effortlessness and joy in movement and being.
On this wonderful somatic base we will play with so called pathways to learn and deepen CI movement material, and to experience and understand the underlying principles.
 With different scores we will create spaces and atmospheres where playfulness, technique and improvisation can flow into a multidimensional experience of this wonderful dance form.

 “Tango Argentino – the art of following and leading” (Johanna)
We will change focus and do a pure and traditional Tango Argentino workshop, with a focus on leading and following. The workshop will be followed by an open jam.


There may be spontaneous changes to the workshop program at the festival according to requirements and wishes of the participants.