Welcome to the Website of the Initiative “Dancers’ Village”. We are a group of people who wish to facilitate and create a new example and quality of life communities.


Our Vision

With a background of decades of Contact Improvisation, Dance and Bodywork, Therapies and Coachings, Community and Group work, we wish to create a place to live and to visit, where the wisdom of the body and of well-being joins a new balance in living with and from nature.

We wish to create places where we can experience healing and personal growth in a supportive community, grow into our own love for ourselves and the world, and enjoy life while serving a new world, which reaches a new and conscious equilibrium of the needs of us human beings and all other species on this earth. And not as a side effect, fulfill thereby our own needs, dreams and happiness.

2021 news – new horizons

German association founded – transitory information on this website

In July 2020, we have with 15 people founded an association in Germany, which after quite some efforts and battle with german authorities is now registered and recognized as a charity. See ‘Initiative Tänzerdorf’ in the menu (german).

This gives us now a powerful legal frame to operate projects and bring the ideas into reality.
We now need support for these early days, if you wish to support the association, please check here (german) or here (english).