Nature Journey 2020

Example event in September 2020

In 2020, we  focused on a single and wonderful event in the region, the Nature Journey. We brought together Contact Improvisation,  Nature Experience and Community Building. This not-for-profit event was a space of co-creation and loving community life, very simple and connecting, a deep immersion in nature’s beauty.

With the team, we provided the physical sites and a frame of offerings, but all participants contributed their experience and some offered workshops.

Main focus was to explore dance in nature and our general relation and love for nature, and nature’s love for us. At the same time, we wanted to explore our wishes, needs and desires for a future life in supportive community and nature. We did body work, Contact Improvisation, land art, authentic movement, meditation and other healing practices. Besides these focus topics, we enjoyed ourselves in beautiful landscapes and on large beaches, we cooked, sang and celebrated together, did yoga, danced contact improvisation, and supported the places we visited.