Physical Aspects

We aim to create a place of bliss and pleasure, a space in nature which we enjoy and take care of, a place where we live, love, dance, work, and just can be. A lot of what we may want to realize is inspired by other places and experiences, which may be best shown in pictures (which we may not show here). However, we want to name the following main aspects as physical realities in the Dancers’ Village:

Living ‘Paradise’ in garden and nature

  • The first Dancers’ Village shall be an area of 10-50 hectars, with spaces for private living, guest housing, dance floors, trees or forest, water as in lake or river, open gardens, and lots of structures outside. The connection to nature shall be present all over the place, finding not only hamacs, sauna, tree cabins and nice terraces outside, but also the kitchen, a bathtub, waterslide, and open dancefloors under the sky. The area will have clear privacy.
    Solar power may ensure irrigation of gardens and agricultural land, private and guest houses may be simple wooden jurts or complete houses.
    There will be suitable spaces for community life, open space, big tents, a lake to swim, a café.
  • The Dancers’ Village is intended to be embedded in a bigger nature landscape of quality. Our first Dancers’ Village shall be in Western Algarve near Aljezur, a landscape with very large beaches and cliffs at the atlantic ocean, big sand dune landscapes which inspire a sand desert, forests and meadows, hills and valleys.

15-20 Human Treasures

  • The people living on a permanent in the Dancers’ Village are dedicated to this life, all of them have years’ of experience in contact improvisation, consciousness work, and living in amidst the nature. They are each a treasure, peaceful and loving creatures, supporting community life and each other’s personal development, and offering their specific skills to guests.
  • Several villagers make their living out of activities outside of the village.

Guests welcome

  • We wish to welcome and accommodate guests at all times and in various forms.
    We strive for a basic structure, where ~15 people can come and live here for a retreat time, e.g. of 4 weeks or 3 months, and participate in most parts of community life. They would live in simple structures such as guest rooms, wooden yurts, or a Bali house.
  • When we organize larger events such as major Jams or Festivals, more guests can come on a camping basis, roughly 100 people.
  • For shorter term guests, again the camping structure can be used. If you are a private guest of permanent villager in their housing, that’s possible anyways.
  • While some permanent villagers may make their living out of supporting the guest structures, the Dancers’ Village does not depend on guests to come, this is an offering.

Contact Improvisation and community rhythm

  • Contact Improvisation, and meditation, dance parties, sports, and many other sources of fun and body wisdom are always possible in the Dancers’ Village, and the major basis of community life. Contact Improvisation is a base vocabulary and focus of our presence here.
  • In the base rhythm of retreat life, in the mornings there will be Yoga or meditation session, followed by a lab or joint exploration in dance. The afternoon will be explicitly free for private life, your work, going to the beach or do whatever you may intend to do. In the evening we may have a Contact Jam, or a dance party, or another activity of choice. All community activities are an offering, you may stay private as you wish.
  • Festivals or other specific events will have their own agenda.

Eternal Silent Jam and other infrastructures

  • The ‘Eternal Silent jam’ is a holy space of silent dancing and meditation. It is open 24/365 to all residents and guests of the Dancers’ Village. It is a space for deep encountering yourself and others, with no judgement, with no words, but with experiencing your body.
  • Many more infrastructures are envisaged, like warm water basins, a massage hut, a café, and physical workshops and hopefully a joint artist’s area.
  • We aim to have bikes to rent and a car sharing with electric cars fed by our own solar power.

Spiritual aspects