Sites and Food – what to expect

The Nature Journey 2020 will start on 22 September 2020 (you can arrive 1-2 days before) at the Atelier of healing arts on the beautiful land of Vale bacias, very close to Colos and Tamera, in the Alentejo region. This is a unique place on earth with indigenous vegetation like magnificient cork oaks and typical medronho bushes. We will let ourselves get touched by the sacredness of this land.

Our host Lika has initiated this project and is deeply connected to this land. We will camp in tents on the beautiful hills, have evenings in a covered dance space and dance on the grandmother tree. Lika will open the Atelier of healing arts for us, and we will all cook together. We will explore the energies of the different parts of this landscape, do yoga on the hills in view of sunrise and sunset, do land art and enjoy the peace of this place.

Four days later, we will continue the journey, change landscape and energy, and go to a site initiated by our second host Maurizio, and a rented house nearby. This site is directly by the sea, between Aljezur and Odeceixe.

In this region, we have done last year’s festival and dance in nature residencies. We will be and dance on the beaches, walk and meditate on the cliffs, enjoy forest, sand dunes, and again various landscapes. As this site is very “new”, we may contribute to build infrastructure which may stay and be of value to future groups and activities.

We will all contribute to cooking and co-create wonderful food. We have several people with good experience in cooking for groups, including Noëlia who has been amazing us with her cooking at the 2019 Festival. She has run a vegetarian/vegan restaurant for many years and is cooking mainly Sattvic food.

The Nature Journey 2020 will end on 30 September 2020, with latest departure 1 day later from the rented house and 2 days later from Maurizio’s Land.