Spiritual Aspects

We are thankful for a rich spirituality which has developed and gained attention in large parts of our modern society, often searched for in the moments of despair of our modern life. A lot of background of our open and many-sourced spirituality comes from Buddhism, Hawaiian and American native traditions, but also modern science as ecology and consciousness research, and from huge lots of dancing contact improvisation. As main aspects of how our spiritual focus translates into our living in the Dancers’ Village, we wish to point out the following five main values and practices:

Balance with Nature

  • This is a very obvious urgent need for change for this world. Our current unconscious and careless economy-focused lifestyle damage our natural environment so strongly, that today more children, women and men die from environmental mis-conditions than from the still easily started horrific wars which mankind still performs as a manifestation of utter greediness and stupidity of the ego.
    The ecological footprints of all ‘developed’ societies largely cover the earth and consume remaining health of all ecosystems. A remedy or re-orientation is not in sight.
  • In the Dancers’ Village, we will not only not spoil our environment, but contribute to heal the local existing ecosystem, re-forest grounds and foster the re-creation of healthy soil and humus, and healthy water balance. Besides perma-culture for man’s needs, we will create, respect and preserve nature areas which will be habitats for the local ‘wild’ species. Human activities will be in harmony and symbiosis with the habitat’s biodiversity. This practice of sustainability and consciousness needs to be re-learned, yet it was the tradition of indigenous european communities for centuries and e.g. from Aborigines in Australia for many thousands of years.

Re-Naturating ourselves

  • We will strive to not stay separate from nature, but become the daily part of nature we have always been. Many of our errors in encountering nature come from the understanding that we are separate – humans are not animals, and that our technologies are not nature themselves.
    We will strive to overcome this separation in our minds, and live with the elements, experience the wind, sand, water and sun as much as we can. Most of us will for most part of the year not live in “their 4 walls”, but maybe with two, or in structures which are open to nature, in various degrees of isolation and shelter. We will dance with nature, dig our hands in earth, talk to the animals and plants, and listen, listen, …, listen. We aim to re-gain a rhythm that is healthier, more connected, more relaxed, more natural.
  • Together, the two above points, Balance with nature and Re-Naturating Ourselves, may one day enable gaining Unity with Nature. We know we have a far way to go.

Supportive in and for personal growth

  • All individuals in the Dancers’ Village acknowledge that a central goal of life is personal growth. We are here to create and gain consciousness, to overcome our doubts, traumas, and the restricted view and happiness of our egos.
    Therefore, we strive for personal growth, to deploy our real being and love. We all know how much support we need in this path. We also know how joyful it is to see our beloved ones develop, unfold and grow. We are a community of people who love and support each other, with little judgement, and a lot of experience in this consciousness work and path. We create a field of healing, and invite all practices and wisdom which may help us to continue, and go beyond where we are. We believe in the existence of group souls, and aim to nourish our group and individual souls in this way.
  • Visitors who may have experienced some Contact Improvisation or related Festivals, like Easter Impro, Healing Heart, InTouch, FlowIntoSpring, ContactLove, may have experienced which kind of field we intent here.

Wisdom of the Body

  • We recognize that our body is the main integrator of all our experiences. What we may experience in Contact Improvisation goes for many of us far beyond what we experience in many other consciousness techniques or practices. No therapy, no spiritual practice, no insight or enlightenment may have effect, if it is not felt and experienced in the body itself.
    Therefore, we work a lot with all techniques which may help integrate our understanding and learn body and soul, heart and mind, all integrated and connected.
    Be it dance itself, somatic experiencing, body-centered therapies, or simply wellness, here is a focus for us, in our own bodies.
    Most of the physical aspects support this body experience, as well as, re-naturating ourselves (see above).

Focus and openness

  • As any living organism, the Dancers’ Village needs clear privacy and protected spheres, as well as exchange and inspirations with, from and to the outside.
  • There will be clear focus times and areas, with clear limits and borders, rules and secure spaces.
  • There will be a clear dedication to openness, to guests, surrounding communities and neighbors, external events, inspiration of any kind and local, european and world politics. The exchange shall be a living one, the closer the connection, the stronger the openness.
  • Each individual living here has a private space and time, alone or in a family or living group. There is the community level, which is an offer, an opportunity and an invitation, not an obligation. Long-term guests will be part of the community.