… and Corona Virus

November 2020:

We were really happy we did this, just before Corona closed in again.
Our team efforts were amazing, and the Dancers Village and the Atelier of Healing Arts merged into a creative combo, which felt bigger than the sum of the elements.

We will certainly work together again, and create more heartwarming events.

10 August 2020:

Dear all,

Now in early August we decided and fixed to do and celebrate the Nature Journey 2020 from 22-30 September 2020, so we moved from spring to Autumn.

In view of continuous Corona infection risk we limit the number of participants to 20 people, so only few places are available! We will therefore have a waiting list for people who do not need to travel, and give you some probability of attendance.

We feel excited to meet with you and enjoy this event, the last months have shown all of us again how little we can take for granted the freedom to meet, to hug and to dance.

Looking forward to meeting with an amazing group, to receiving lots of inspirations, community creation, and to enjoying nature around and in ourselves.

With lots of Love
André with Lika, Linda, Lizzie, Maurizio and Noëlia

11 May 2020:

Dear all,

we have taken the decision yesterday to cancel the Nature Journey for this May 2020. The decision is with great sadness, we have been optimistic until the last days to be able to meet at least with 10 people as would have been legal. However, we have unanimously considered that it is too early, for several reasons:

  • There are cases of Covid-19 around Colos, the local communities need to stay very careful.
  • Also in the region Aljezur everyone stays extremely careful, and the local people are not yet happy to see crowds of visitors coming.
  • For the few people who would have traveled, the risk is still high of either getting quarantined or of getting stuck somewhere for cancelled flights.

We look forward to having a Nature Journey as soon as possible, we will decide in July for a date in autumn time if possible, and we will do this in May 2021, presumably 11 – 21 May.

Lots of Love to you all, and we all look forward to meeting and dancing with you.

André with Lika, Linda, Lizzie, Maurizio and Noëlia

19 April 2020:

Dear all,

I wish you still stay all well.The next weeks will be decisive, we will see how measures will get lifted, currently very slowly, though many have proven to be a complete overreaction. The infection numbers have gone down considerably, numbers of sick people are shrinking all over Europe now.

We may hope that we can meet on May 20. Here is our mindset as of today:

  • If it is legal in Portugal to meet with 20 people, we will do so.
  • A basic decision will be taken around May 10
  • Currently, it is extremely improbable that we can meet with more people. If we can, we will see spontaneously at short term who wishes to join and how we can organize this.
  • Even if our meeting is possible, it may stay very difficult for some of those who need to travel, to travel in a reasonable way.
  • We will seek solutions for travel around May 15 and see how we can join up to travel together, probably by car may be the safest way. We can’t assume flights will yet be possible.

Please feel 100% safe to register for the event, if ever you can’t participate as a consequence of Corona or travel being impossible, you will get all your money back.

In this sense, few places are left, consider if you would like to be part of this!

Lots of Love, André

8 April 2020:

Dear all,

I hope all of you still safe and healthy, keeping up a mood of positivity and creativity in how to deal with the restrictions.

The infection numbers start to slow down, and some analyses show the contact restrictions have not been the decisive measures, e.g. Sweden holds up the public life, and numbers are not worse than anywhere else. The decisive factor seems to be how efficiently elderly were protected, in particular in the elderly homes. Many scientists plead for the ‘herd immunity’ by the younger communities, saying we should send the kids back to school.

Therefore, we may hope that restrictions get lifted in time for us to come together on May 20.

It seems important to think about our future more than ever. We experience that all of a sudden politics prevails economy, when required we can change all rules, even the very essential ones.
In that sense, we will think about our future, what society would we want. Why not think and present our individual “Utopia’s”, and be again courageous to argue for a better world, for ideas we would like to live, and reach out to those who stopped dreaming, sometimes long ago. It’s time for a new creation. If we will need to cope with a “new normal”, as we hear all the time, let’s create it, and give a bit more of our own color.

Hugs and best wishes,


21 March 2020:

Dear all,

I hope this find you safe and healthy, free of fears but seriously concerned of how we can cope with this pandemic and the crisis it creates.

I want to give some comments (being a scientist) and explain why we will have this event if ever it will be legal to do so.

As of End of March (today March 21), we need to be prepared for several weeks of bad and sad news. As deaths by Corona increase, we all need to consider what we may do or better not do, and politics will see a need to act to reduce the infection rate as much as possible. This may we frightening and affecting our freedom. I do myself witness this, currently I am not able/allowed to see my own kids.

In view of the seriousness of this disease, I hope you all do not fall for absurd theories what this is about.
The best hope we have is that soon we may have tests which are fast and easy to do, so that we can understand reliably if we are healthy or not, or just seem healthy but already spread sickness. This will be the key to getting back our freedom to meet and travel, because we will no longer be blind to this virus. So, assuming that by end of April such tests will be available, the legal restrictions will get slowly lifted, and we can return to a relative normal.

What will we need then? For myself, I can say: nourishing contact, dance, connection to nature, positive energy from positive people, contemplation of the beauty of this life, and a vision for a healthier life in connectedness and better balance with nature.

All of what this event is about. Therefore, to the very last day, our team will plan to have this event and to have a wonderful time end of May in beautiful Alentejo and Algarve, with you (!).

For those of you who wonder if you should register and plan for this:

  • If you can’t come due to Corona, you will of course get all your money back
  • We plan for 20 people, if possible 40, but we need to foresee a small group, so places may be taken, we will do first come first serve.

So, think about it :).

Warm regards and virtual hugs,