… and Corona Virus

21 March 2020:

Dear all,

I hope this find you safe and healthy, free of fears but seriously concerned of how we can cope with this pandemic and the crisis it creates.

I want to give some comments (being a scientist) and explain why we will have this event if ever it will be legal to do so.

As of End of March (today March 21), we need to be prepared for several weeks of bad and sad news. As deaths by Corona increase, we all need to consider what we may do or better not do, and politics will see a need to act to reduce the infection rate as much as possible. This may we frightening and affecting our freedom. I do myself witness this, currently I am not able/allowed to see my own kids.

In view of the seriousness of this disease, I hope you all do not fall for absurd theories what this is about.
The best hope we have is that soon we may have tests which are fast and easy to do, so that we can understand reliably if we are healthy or not, or just seem healthy but already spread sickness. This will be the key to getting back our freedom to meet and travel, because we will no longer be blind to this virus. So, assuming that by end of April such tests will be available, the legal restrictions will get slowly lifted, and we can return to a relative normal.

What will we need then? For myself, I can say: nourishing contact, dance, connection to nature, positive energy from positive people, contemplation of the beauty of this life, and a vision for a healthier life in connectedness and better balance with nature.

All of what this event is about. Therefore, to the very last day, our team will plan to have this event and to have a wonderful time end of May in beautiful Alentejo and Algarve, with you (!).

For those of you who wonder if you should register and plan for this:

  • If you can’t come due to Corona, you will of course get all your money back
  • We plan for 20 people, if possible 40, but we need to foresee a small group, so places may be taken, we will do first come first serve.

So, think about it :).


Warm regards and virtual hugs,