Future Project Aljezur

The first project will be near Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal, and has been initiated and inspired since many years mainly by André. In a very green region with the most sunshine in Europe, with an exceptionally stable climate throughout the year, some of the most beautiful beaches, various landscape types and dozens of inspiring projects around, we feel the first Dancers’ Village may be founded here. It will have a clear nature focus and save space far from industrial centers and big cities, on a coast that is and will stay free from any bigger building or even hotel, it is still on European mainland, and can be reached not only by airplane, but also by train and bus, or by car and mobile home.

We project to buy a big piece of land, concretely a valley of 55 ha, which may enable to deploy the physical and spiritual aspects of the Dancers’ Village to full power and for long time.

This future project for a permanent Dancers’ Village shall be enabled by Crowdfunding.

If you are further interested, please contact us at dancersvillage@protonmail.com.